The name has been decided, its Eduron Framework

Yes, the name has been decided for the framework and its development had also begun. To your surprise User Interface or the UI Architecture project has been created. Today I developed some custom controls using basic tools available in visual studio. The main productive thing that I’ve achieved today is EntityRelations. May be it would not be understandable even to good c# developers but those who work at my company where I work as a Jr. Programmer knows the importance and use of it.

I am going to maintain the entire metadata in the UI itself. Isn’t that fantastic. Have created a custom property for custom EntityWin Form which has a collection of Relations i.e., multiple relations can be added to the same form.

For me that’s an achievement though its still yet to be tested but I am quite confident about it that its going to work for me.

Oops I forgot to announce the name of the framework, its Eduron. Eduron, because my B.E. final year project was a virtual classroom project and I thought of bringing revolution in education by making it and that’s why I named that site as Eduron. That project was a gr8 success at college level. Even me and my group got prize as a reward. The domain of that site had expired now, it was That’s why I have decided to name this new framework of mine as Eduron Framework.

Believing and hoping for the better tomorrow.

Will keep working on it. Gn.


Deciding name of a framework

Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking what should I name my framework which I am going to start developing, I’ve been thinking on this because it hides in itself a name which would be my future company and will be revolutionary in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning and software development both.

The place I work is awesome not just because I work over here but also because of its working environment and inspiring leaders that I have over here to keep me alert and awake all the time by their intentional and unintentional doings.

Aah! So I was looking for that name, which will strike and hit every good brain in and around India when it would come in the market.  This is a dream I am seeing since my development life started few years back when I would have wrote my first C Program in my college life.

Here i’ll be sharing all my development goals and targets which I’ll be making for myself so that I can work on it and keep this extended all over my blog. This is a very first post by me on this blog so I should introduce myself.

So here you go, I am Prakash Vishwakarma, a software engineer currently working at Excellon Software Pvt. Ltd. as a Junior Programmer. Its been a year I have been working over here.

Well! All right! The name had still not been decided in my mind but I am sure I can decide it on my own. Now I am going to write all the names of peoples, places and things that I love to be with and those things which affects or matters to me at large in a piece of paper and lets see what comes out of it.

Wrote around 100’s of names on a paper, visited dozens of websites that how to build a good name for my framework or company but I think good company names are neither found in books or internet, they are suppose to build and should come from within. Will give it some more time.

Hope for the better.

Programmers rock!